Andros Beaches
Achla Beach is the most famous beach on the island of Andros and one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. It is a landscape full of tranquility with emerald waters, white pebbles, and sand. Neiborio and Paraporti beaches are located next to the capital of Andros, and for this reason, they have the easiest access from Chora. The beach of Agios Petros is the largest beach in Andros and is organized with sunbeds, cafes, restaurants, and family taverns. Other beautiful beaches on our island are Zorkos, Vitali, Piso Gialia, Achla, the jump of the Old Woman, the Warehouses, and Syneti.
Andros Routes & Activities in Nature
Andros Routes is a voluntary effort to record, maintain, and mark old hiking trails. The trails of Andros allow you to explore more than thirty hiking paths, fifty traditional villages, and sixteen cultural associations, through green valleys, flowing rivers, beautiful beaches, and ancient paths. In addition to hiking, activities such as surfing, river hiking, diving, boat trips, and horseback riding await you to discover and explore this magical island! As our family comes from the island of Andros, we can bring you in contact with the locals for the above.
The island of Andros boasts numerous interesting museums and historical landmarks, fully oriented towards both tradition and modern culture. The main archaeological museums in Chora and Paleopolis, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Kairis Foundation are the most significant cultural structures. In the capital of Andros, there are also two important landmarks, namely the statue of the Unknown Sailor, a work by Michael Tombros in honor of sailors who did not return to Andros, and the Tourlitis Lighthouse. A unique lighthouse in Europe, built on a rock in the sea, it is the first automatic lighthouse in Greece and serves as the island's trademark.
Andros is characterized by distinctive flavors and local products known for their quality and taste. The most famous desserts are "Amygdalota" and "Kaltsounia," made from local almonds and sesame. There is also a wide variety of local cheeses, such as "Petroti" (fresh cow cheese with a semi-hard texture) and "Kopanisti" (made from the Greek cheese "Myzithra"). However, the most famous dish in Andros is "Froutalia," an omelet made from thinly sliced potatoes, herbs, and local sausages.
Religious Tourism
Important churches and monasteries from the Byzantine period to the final years of the Ottoman Empire are located on the island of Andros. Their unique architecture and tranquil way of life invite you to discover them and take a journey through time and history. Two of the most famous monasteries are Agia Marina and Agia Irini, both located in the village of Apikia. Also known for its miracles, Theoskepasti is a beautiful church a few meters away from the Lasia Boutique Apartment.
Shop in Andros
Just a few meters away from the Lasia Boutique Apartment and the Andros Apartment-Lasia, on the central square of the city (Kairis Square), you will find Lasia stores. For more than 25 years, crafted with love by our family, Lasia stores offer handmade souvenirs and gift items waiting for you to discover!