Sea, Sky & Serenity

Luxury Destination & Cycladic Tradition


When traditional Cyclades meet the modern architecture

Lasia Apartments were created with the aim of offering you a unique holiday experience on the island of Andros, known for its maritime history, aristocracy, and warm hospitality of the locals. The connection to the mainland Greece is by ferry in just 2 hours from the port of Rafina.

The choice of the word ‘Lasia’ is not random, as it is an ancient name of Andros, meaning ‘fertile land.’ The natural beauty of the island is characterized by the green landscape and the endless blue, elements that flow abundantly through the panoramic view of the ‘Lasia’ apartments.

Lasia Apartments in Andros blend the serene location with the smart design of their interiors to provide all the comforts you will need through modern facilities for a flawless stay in the Cyclades. Earthy colors, relaxing lighting, and the traditional Cycladic but simultaneously modern decoration are just a few of the elements that characterize the apartments.

The locations of the rooms are ideal for couples, friends, and families traveling for leisure and professional purposes. The center of Chora is just a minute away on foot, and the beaches of Neiborio and Paraporti are located within a 10-minute walk. The central pedestrian street of Chora is filled with many restaurants and shops like those of Lasia Souvenirs and Lasia Gifts (in Kairi central square) to supply you with handmade gifts from the island.

Choose the apartment that suits your needs, and we will be happy to meet you in person because your holiday enjoyment is our priority!

Why Choose Lasia Apartments

• Lasia Apartments offer modern aesthetics and high-quality amenities. They are characterized by minimal style while fully harmonizing with traditional Cycladic architecture.
• The panoramic sea view combined with their incredibly convenient location (1 minute from Chora's market).
• The apartments are a ten-minute walk from two beautiful beaches, Paraporti and Neiborio.
• They combine the privacy of the apartment with relaxation in their private courtyards.
• They are also very close to the Archaeological Museum, the Naval Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and the local market.
• For hiking enthusiasts, they are located very close to the starting points of hiking trails "1," "2," "3," and "17."
• There is easy access to a public road for parking.
• Finally, the apartments are fully equipped both in the kitchen and for your personal care and entertainment!
Contact Details
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